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24 September 2006 @ 11:04 pm
Art shops in Moscow  

1.FINE ARTS BOUTIQUE. Cozy and full of what I need. My favourite. Very good brushes.

metro Kitay-gorod, Zabelina str, 1


2.PEREDVIJNIK. The first supermarket for artists in Moscow. Convenient.

metro Mayakovskaya or Novoslobodskaya, Fadeeva str, 6

3. ART SHOP on the 4th floor of DETSKY MIR (Huge 4-store shop for kids on Lubyanka square, go to the top 4th floor)  Not very kind shopgirls.


4. ART SHOP by the HOUSE OF ARTISTS.  Good framing service, too.
It is across the road from
Gorky Park. If you stand on the road facing the huge white building of the Moscow House of Artists, the shop is a small red brick house on the left, next to the bridge.